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Berry Peachy
Berry Peachy
Berry Peachy

Berry Peachy

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A fruity blend of blueberries, strawberries and kiwifruit, along with sugary peaches and a hint of pineapple for a vape that packs a berry peachy punch!

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Pre-Steeped, no steep time required.
If you are adding nicotine to your flavour and are steeping via the resting method, we recommend a minimum steeping time of one week or longer. View our steeping guide to learn how to steep your flavours.

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70VG, 30PG
VG stands for Vegetable glycerine, while PG stands for propylene glycol. VG produces larger clouds and delivers a sweeter flavour while PG produces thinner clouds and more of a throat hit.You can learn more about VG and PG here

15ml: 2-5 days
30ml: 4-10 days
60ml: 8-20 days.
120ml: 15-40 days.
This is indicative use for an average user. Your average vape tank has a 3-8ml capacity and this often lasts an average user a whole day of use. This is subject to how much you vape and on what device.

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