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Based out of Sydney we are Sydney Vape Co and we make premium Australian e-liquids using the highest quality ingredients.

Who are we?

Hi, my name is Dario and I’m the founder of Sydney Vape Co. I started out with a vision to make delicious e-liquid flavours after being burned by too many premium e-liquids from around the globe tasting lackluster. Over the course of 3 years, I’ve poured countless hours into my passion for creating great tasting vape flavours and am now sharing my creative work with the rest of the world.

Our e-liquid flavours are bottled by hand and shipped from the heart of Sydney, Australia. Each of our 16 vape flavours have endured rigorous testing and development to ensure a perfectly delicious, balanced vaping experience.


We are committed to ensuring your vaping experience is as safe as possible and have excluded using any concentrates that contain potentially harmful additives. To create these flavours, we use sustainable USP grade vegetable glycerin and USP grade propyol glycol as our base ingredients, while the flavour concentrates used are sourced from a small handful of the world's most reputable concentrate manufacturers. You’ll find no traces of palm oil, overly sweet sweeteners or diacetyl in our e-liquids.